Our mission statement is: We will make Jesus known in all schools and campuses in Norway so that he is believed, loved and followed


A group of Christians (skolelag/"Lag") come together at their school. They share fellowship, pray, eat, play, read the Bible and have conversations about everything; from everyday topics, to the big questions in life. They often arrange events like: «Grill en kristen» Where one or two Christians are asked to answer any questions that may come up about faith; both difficult questions, and everyday aspects of Christian life. They represent youth from different congregations and denominations, who share a common faith and a common platform where they spend most of their time – school. We want our schools to become better schools for everyone by showing, and proclaiming, Gods love and grace to fellow students and teachers.

Students meet to talk about faith, read the Bible and share a fellowship throughout their time as students. We invite people to share in this fellowship, get to know Jesus and learn about life as a follower of Him. Furthermore we arrange projectweeks where we bring up questions and share in open conversations about faith and doubt, invite to parties and events and give opportunities for leadership-training, retreats/camps, disciplegroups and many more events and lectures.


Christian "russ" stand together and help eachother to practise their faith in the final year of highschool. Together we point to Jesus and show God's love to our friends and fellow russ through actions, words and presence.

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