The Movement consists of young and old people who share a common goal: To make Jesus known throughout all schools and campuses so that he is believed, loved and followed.

Laget in numbers
Laget or "Norwegian Christian Student and School Association (NKSS), consists of around 200 local groups and 4000 members spread throughout Highschools; junior and senior, universities and other educational institutions. Behind them are thousands of "lagsvenner"; benefactors and volunteers who give economic support, and through volunteering and praying for the groups help maintain and grow them. 

Democratically organized
Laget is a democratic organization. Our general assembly is the legislative body and is convened biannually. The general assembly amongst other things, elect the national board, who serve as the governing body in matters not handled by the general assembly and serves as the employer of the general secretary.

The National Board
The current National Board consists of the following elected representatives, who are elected for the period 2018-2020:

- Therese Soldal, Director
- Martin Jakobsen, Assistant-Director

- Linn Haaland, Member (lagsvenn)
- David Fredriksen, Member (lagsvenn)
- Amund Helgaas, Member (skole/student)
- Anna Linbak Hørte
, Member (skole/student)
- Iver Jensen, Member (skole/student)
- Ingeborg Furre, Member (skole/student)

- Ben David Normann, 1. vara for lagsvenner
- Eivind Svenningsen, 2. vara for lagsvenner
- Alida Masvie, 1. vara for skole/student
- Ingveig Reilstad, 2. vara for skole/student